Scrutinize private & public
companies in one platform

About Us

SwissMetrics is a dynamic startup from Switzerland that has a mission to enhance the way companies monitor their credit risk. As finance professionals, we have developed a SaaS platform with the aim of promoting smarter collaboration within companies to work for a common goal – saving money through risk minimization. Being customer centric, we are introducing practical and innovative forward looking tools to enable you to monitor the financial health of your customers, suppliers and potential acquisitions.

What problems do we solve?

Difficult to get private company data
SwissMetrics has an easy and secure way to obtain private company financial data

Limited and old company reports
Access UNLIMITED and real-time financial data from public companies

Too many providers and platforms
SwissMetrics analysis and monitors all private and public companies in one online, easy to use and highly secure platform

SwissMetrics explained
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Why SwissMetrics?

Secure online platform

Our fully encrypted dedicated cloud technology allows you to analyse and exchange data with peace of mind. We maintain all the hardware and software updates so that you utilize your time more effectively.
Secure online platform
Real-time public data

Real-time public data and an
easy process to get private company data

For public companies, we use our dedicated partners to deliver data as quickly as possible. We work with various data providers who provide high quality cleansed data. We recognize it is difficult to obtain financial data from private companies. Therefore, we have developed a simple and secure process to obtain the data quickly and effectively.

Data and Algorithms

Our extensive database has over 1.8 million of companies globally from over 46 countries and with over 130 data points and growing. The platform has over 40 metrics and we can add a metric you currently use to ensure continuity of your analysis. The database is also flexible enough to allow you to enter in financial projections or forecasts.
Data and Algorithms
Analyse and monitor

Analyse and monitor

Analyse public and private companies and their projections in one easy to use platform. This information is vital to ensure you understand the financial health of your investments, customers and business partners across your supply chain.